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      Good morning everyone,


      Aldo has asked me to pass a message along to you all regarding the Letter Box parcels some of you will receive from the Book Trust.

      Some carers are not collecting them when they get a red card through the door saying they have missed the delivery. When they have not been collected after a period of time they are returned to us at Duke Street.

      We pay for these books to be sent to each of our looked after children, they are age and gender appropriate and will follow the children around until they finish their education. They are there for the children to keep and are sent at no cost to yourselves. We pay for this service.

      If you want more information about his you can check out their website https://www.booktrust.org.uk/

      If you have any other questions or you think you are getting the wrong age group of books for your child you can speak to your social worker or you can email Aldo Staffa directly.


      Letterbox Club parcels include:

      • Story and picture books by a range of authors
      • Non-fiction, poetry and joke books
      • Fun number games (your child might need some help to set these up!)
      • Stationery items, such as felt tips, notepads, pens etc. to encourage writing and drawing
      • Letters, bookmarks and more…!


      • The parcels are for your child to own and keep!
      • You can have fun too – you might want to play a game together or talk about the stories your child enjoyed.
      • You may find that your child only likes one of the items in one of the parcels. That’s fine! If they want to look at one item over and over again, that’s fine too.
      • If you’re a carer and your child moves placement (or returns to their birth family) during the Letterbox Club, the parcels will be sent to their new address until the end of the programme.

      Letterbox Club members’ area

      • In their final parcel, children aged 7+ will also get access to a special members’ area of this website, just for them! Remember to look out for the details. Here they’ll find lots of content including short stories, interviews, extra chapters and writing tips!


      I do have a box full that still need to be handed out that haven’t been collected. I will pass these onto your social workers so they can be brought out for your next visit.




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