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      Hello and welcome to the Foster Carers Forum rules page. We want this to be a place that is useful for everyone. The idea being we can share information with you but more importantly, you can share information with each other.


      • This forum is a shared space for all Blackburn with Darwen Foster Carers. If you have any serious issues then this is not the place to be bringing them forward. You should always contact your SSW in the first instance. If you want to speak to a manager then in ‘My Account’ there is a ‘Ask a Manager’ button, this is linked directly to Deborah and Steph. Please do not share your log in details with anyone who is not a foster carer for Blackburn with Darwen. This forum is about bringing everyone together and having a shared space we can all use and contribute to.


      • The forum will be monitored by our Supervising Social Workers and Managers, people can be blocked if the forum is becoming misused or if people are sharing personal information about children and young people in your care.


      • This forum has been designed as space for you to share information, equipment and best practice as well as keep in touch with other carers. If you would like to have your story heard to help with recruitment then please use the ‘Blogs’ forum. You can update as little or often as you like and we can then use these in our foster carers story’s side of the website. This will give people looking for information about fostering an insight into what it is really like being a foster carer.


      • Please do not use names or post photos of the children and young people in your care. You can add photos but remember the foster carers policy and treat this space as you would Facebook or any other form of social media.


      • We will endeavour to keep the announcements up to date with relevant information from the fostering team. You can subscribe to individual forums or favourite comments to make sure you are notified when people are commenting on posts that interest you.


      • The FCA have their own area so if there are events or useful information then these can be updated in the FCA tab. Any other information about the FCA can be found on the FCA‘s own website or via Sam Briggs.


      • Events will be updated regularly. I will open an event and they will be offered on a first come first served basis. Then I will close that event forum. If you would like to be involved with recruitment then please subscribe to this page. This will also include all Journey to Foster training dates held at Livesey All Age Centre throughout the year. I will also post any new information such as artwork that we are looking at implementing to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be involved. I will also post photos and results from these events so we can see what is working and what isn’t. If there are locations or ideas then these can be posted here and looked at by the management team.


      • We started looking at foster carers taking an active role in the recruitment stands towards the end of 2018 and we identified a couple of places where we could have stands regularly. I will be looking at picking this up and they will be then added to the fostering events Google Calendar. If you would like to be a part of the Fostering Recruitment throughout 2019 then please follow the link to the Google Calendar to request permission.


      • If there is any equipment you are looking for or you no longer need then please use the swap and sell. We don’t really want anything unrelated to fostering but this would be the place to make the most of the items we have within our carers. This should help new carers if they are looking at getting new equipment or if you have had a change of approval and you need something quickly.


      • Please introduce yourself in the ‘introductions’ forum and complete your profile in the ‘My Account’ –  section. This will let people know who they are talking to and who you are. Only a brief intro is needed but it will become part of your profile so you can personalise it as you like.


      • Training will be kept up to date on the ‘Training Dates’ forum. Here you will be able to see what’s coming and how you can get involved. There will also be information about logging on to your eLearning account if you have forgotten.


      • In your ‘My Account’ section, you will also see on the right-hand side useful documentation. These will be kept up to date with new guides or discount information from the likes of FosterTalk, Max card and Vectis Card. If there is anything you think would be useful for other foster carers to see please email Mike Dixon with the PDF/Document and they can be looked at being included. We want this space to be used and to have useful information so all suggestions welcome.


      • The Voice Group will be started again so all the information can be found in the Voice Group Forum. If your children and young people would like to be involved then you can speak to Tracy Mosley but the information in the first instance will be found here.


      • If you would like to see any additional forums then these can be discussed in the ‘General Discussion’ Forum. We can add any forums that will engage conversation and be useful for all our carers at ant time.


      • If you have any questions then there is a ‘Questions and Answers’ forum. Important questions should be directed to your SSW but we want people to share ideas and resources so this would be the best place to go if you want a new slime recipe for example or want to know where is good to take the kids over the holidays.


      • There are currently 12 forums but this can and hopefully will increase over time as they are used and new ones are being suggested. If there is anything you would like to see then please add them as a new conversation in the ‘General Discussion’ forum and we can look to add them in the future. We want the forums to be used ultimately so if you can think of anything we have missed then please let us know. Conversely, if a forum is not being used then we can remove it.


      • There is also an option to save the website to your mobile or tablet. This link is useful for those who might not know how to add it as an ‘app’ on your home screen.


      • If you have any questions or issues about the forum please contact Mike Dixon. There is an option on the login page for you to reset your password if you have not logged in for a while and you have forgotten it. If you use Google Chrome there is an option for you to save your passwords if that’s easier.


      • Finally enjoy the forum, the more people that use it the better resource it will be.



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