Shared Lives Scheme

Who can use Shared Lives?

Shared Lives is for adults aged 18 or over who need help and
support. They may be:

  • A person with a learning disability
  • A person with a physical disability
  • A person with mental health problems
  • A person with other health or sensory difficulties
  • A person who is unable to live alone because of their age
    What does the Shared Lives Scheme offer?
  • Each placement is planned to meet your needs
  • You can develop skills and meet new people in the comfort of a
    carer’s home
  • Shared Lives can be used as a stepping stone towards becoming
    more independent
  • You can choose to say yes or no to any placement that is offered
    to you
  • Support is given throughout the placement
  • You are encouraged to stay in touch with your family and friends if
    you want to
  • The Shared Lives Scheme also provides short term placements
    including day support and respite care

Many adults can’t live on their own without help and support from others. This may be because they have a physical or learning disability, mental health needs or because they are older and have become frail.

The Shared Lives Scheme offers these vulnerable adults the chance to live with families who can offer the support and encouragement they need to live as independently as possible. Shared Lives can provide people with a permanent home, a short respite stay, or daycare in an ordinary home setting in the community.

The Shared Lives service for Blackburn with Darwen is run by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.


What is the Shared Lives Scheme looking for?

The scheme is looking for carers who can provide a wide range of care, as the people
we help and support have many different needs. Carers can work flexibly around
their commitments and can provide:

  • Help and support for a few hours a week during the day
  • Help and support for a short time, such as a weekend, perhaps while a family
    carer has a break.
  • Care and support full time, having someone living with them either for a short
    or long period.

Who are the carers and what are they like?

Every Shared Lives carer brings their own unique skills and experience to the job.
But what all carers share in common is a desire to help people – and room at home
to do it. You do not need any specific qualifications but you need to have:

  • Empathy and understanding of the needs of disabled or older people
  • Ability to pass on skills
  • Patience and time to care
  • Willingness to help individuals achieve their goals
  • Commitment and determination to see things through

Who can be a carer?

We need carers from all walks of life to provide homes for adults from different
backgrounds. You could be younger or older, married, living with a partner or single,
from any culture or religion, with or without children, a homeowner or tenant.
You should be in reasonably good health and you must be able to offer safe and
friendly care.

All new carers will undergo an application process which will help us gain an
understanding of your way of life and assess your suitability as a carer.

What are the benefits?

  • Shared Lives carers are paid
  • It can be a rewarding career option
  • There is training and ongoing support
  • Working from home
  • You can help vulnerable people to
    live ordinary lives in the community

If you are interested in becoming a paid Shared Lives carer please contact us on (01254) 585899 or complete the form below and someone will be in touch.



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