About Fostering

Why do we need foster carers?

There are all sorts of reasons why children and young people sometimes need to be looked after in foster homes. Some may have been neglected or harmed by their families. Others may need care while their parents deal with family difficulties, or when parents are ill or in prison.

The amount of time children and young people need to live with foster carers can vary from a few weeks to several months or even years. Some children need a permanent foster home if they are unable to return to their families and adoption is not an option for them. This enables them to grow up in a secure and loving environment.

As a Council, it’s our job to make sure children are healthy, safe and happy. Moving children and young people from their family and home environment can be distressing and they may not fully understand why it is happening. We do our best to match their needs with foster carers’ skills and experience from the start so that we can give them as much stability as possible and avoid the need for them to have multiple placements. This means we need a large and varied pool of foster carers to choose from to make the best match possible for each child/young person.



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